Thursday, August 27, 2015

What Would Woodpeckers Do to the Ark?

I am pleased with my most recent ark finish.

Design - "On Seas of Blue"
Pamphlet- "Noah and Company"
Designer - Alma Lynne Designs
Fabric - 32 count raw linen
Fibers - DMC 2 strands over 2 threads

I fiddled with this design quite a bit personalizing it to my tastes. I changed one band to a rainbow and added the blue borders between the bands.

You have to wonder how the woodpeckers behaved on the ark!  

I have at least four Hairy Woodpeckers - two guys and two gals.
Busy at the feeder.  

Working on a tree.

Here are two guys - I think the one on the left is a juvenile.

The red on his head is a bit blotchy compared to the male on the right.

I had not seen any Sapsuckers for a week or two. 

Then on Tuesday morning I saw one.  

Thanks for stopping by! 

The Flickers while in the area, are not as active at the feeders as they have been previously.

Monday evening I counted four Acorn Woodpeckers.

I've only been able to photography three together - Baby Boy and his parents. 

"Thanks Dad - That's tasty!"

Speaking of babies - Big Babies!
I had a couple of Pileated Woodpeckers come by. 


The red on his head goes clear to his beak.

He was quite industrious.

Leading by example.

Showing Baby how it is done!

Aren't those red head feathers a hoot?

Somebody give that bird a comb!

I think the young bird is a boy.

The two birds flew into the forest...

...and worked there a while before leaving.  Later that evening they were in trees at the edge of my sister's Dahlia Garden.


Sue said...
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Sue said...
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Vickie said...

Sweet finish. I love the sun shining through those red feathers.

Kate said...

Pretty finish :-) Hee, hee, I never thought about how the woodpeckers would have been on the ark! Did they have their own wood to tap on? Something to think about. They sure are pretty; we get a couple once in awhile in our front yard. Very industrious. Love the 'do on the pileated ones!

Justine said...

Lovely new finish! The colours are so bright. I like how you theme your stitching each month.

Barb said...

Love that ark finish! You made some great changes. About the woodpeckers on the ark, the sounds I often hear from the woods, it might have been very bad news to have many of them on the ark!

Pam in IL said...

Love the new finish and the colors used! Thanks for sharing the woodpecker photos. The young one's head feathers are so cool.