Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday Critters

We've been watering part of our backyard and it has become a Bunny Magnet!

The deer also come and eat the green grass...

...and pester the cats.  

Parvati is pretty fearless.

She tends to stand her ground...

...until she doesn't!

Though here she's taking one last look and smell before leaving for safety.   

The other morning I noticed a chipmunk examining Blackberry leaves.

At first I thought he was eating Blackberries. 

But then I

He was drinking water from the dew on the leaves.

Anyone with a medical background care to weigh in on this poor guy's ulcer / injury?

Padma is also Deer Fearless!


Carol said...

I'm just amazed at the interaction between Parvati and the deer, Beth--what cute pictures... That poor chipmunk--I hope his injury isn't bothering him too much.

Enjoy your weekend!

Vickie said...

Neat pictures, but oh my. I do wonder about the chipmunk. Don't know.

Angie said...

Beth, I have no idea what the little guy has. First thing that came to my mind was some form of ring worm. If you have a good vet I would send him the photo and see if he knows.

Margaret said...

Great pics! Love seeing the cats interact with the deer. That injury on the chipmunk looks so nasty. :( Ouch!

Liz said...

Shame for the poor wee creature! Great that you have all that fabulous wildlife around.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Barb said...

Such cute pictures of the cat and the critters. It is funny how close they get to one another.

Melanie said...

It's a botfly larvae/cuterebra on poor chippy. There is a local charity here for rabbits called 'Sweet Binks' and almost every 'stray' pet rabbit she saves has these and make her absolutely apoplectic with rage at people's stupidity at dumping pet rabbits into 'the wild'. They go very deep into the tissue but can be surgically removed and they recover nicely. I'm not sure how an animal fares with them in the wild though, other than knowing it is very painful. (If she didn't post daily on Facebook about the goings on of such things though I would have no idea what it is. They almost look like a snail stuck on there or something.)

Also, hi. :) Been way too busy for commenting in ages and ages but I do still go through my Feedly to get my reading fix. :)