Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Harvest Stitch - Farmers' Market Harvest

Design - "Pumpkin Harvest" (Take Alongs)
Designer - The Trilogy
Fabric - Aida
Fibers - GAST & WDW
Started - ?
Completed - 7 August 2015

We're featuring a recent finish by my Mom. I don't know when she began stitching this, but it has sat idle for quite some time. I particularly like the crow button.  Way top go Mom!

The pumpkin stitching finish is appropriate as today it is time for the Tuesday Garden Party and the Maple Hill Blog Hop.   

On Saturday morning, my Mom, sister, and I went downtown to visit the Lane County Farmers' Market.

The city of Eugene has done a nice job with baskets and planters 'greening up' the core downtown area.

We were early so the market was a bit quieter.

The market is a wonderful way to feel the seasonal changes as produce comes in, peaks, and moves out to make way for the next wave.

Peaches, nectarines, and plums have joined the  seasonal mix. 

There are lots of greens available.

Summer squash, carrots, basil, beets, and peppers.

The peach zinnias in the center of this photo rocked my world!

August is tomato time!

And if you are feeling adventurous, how about a cactus?
These are Nopales - prickly pear cactus.  

Okay then, how about blueberries?

Or onions?  I do love sweet onions.

And my were there every a lot of melons!

See what I mean?

We went home with strawberries, corn, and a small melon.


Carol said...

Your mom's latest finish is so cute, Beth. I'm itching to start some autumn stitching myself. Our leaves are beginning to turn brown and fall already due to the lack of water over the last month.

Love all the colors at the farmer's market--you make everything look so tempting with your photos...

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

What a darling finish by your Momma :) You know we have a farmer's market but with my working weekends, I just can't ever seem to get there...but I'd love to get there some day :)

Barb said...

What a wonderful market. I missed ours last Sat. as we had family visiting. I hope there are tomatoes this week. I think your mom did a great job on the pumpkin project.

√Čva said...

Hello , I'm a new follower :) Your header is gorgeous ! I like the pumpkin stitching and all the market pictures as well.

daisy g said...

Love your mom's stitching. Puts me in the mood for fall.
What a fabulous market you have! Oh my gosh, I would have spent every penny I had!
Enjoy the goodies!

Thank you for stopping by The Maple Hill Hop!

Maggee said...

Our Farmer's Market is nothing like yours! Smaller, less colorful... But there is a really nice Community Garden in the back that I like to see... full of so many wonders! Cute little Autumn project your Mom completed! Hugs!