Friday, August 14, 2015

Next Up

I'm working on the design in the upper right corner. Noah and a couple of doves and a sheep.

While the only doves I see are Mourning Doves, I have seen the following:

It seems like Hawk Activity has picked up again - grrrr!

This young Robin talked and talked.

Not singing a cheerful Robin song, but rather a high mournful one note tune. 

I know songbirds have to learn their songs, but boy, he sure needs some tutoring and practice time! 

Suddenly I have lots of American Goldfinches at the feeders again.  I've counted as many as 30 birds. Most have lost their bright spring colors and are rather dull and drab looking.

I did have a small group of Cedar Waxwings flit by for a moment.  I was even more excited though to see a flock of 25 birds fly overhead.  Last fall I had groups of 50-75 stopping by - I hope that happens again.   

Speaking of flocks - a small group of Bushtits checked out my sister's Kitchen Garden.

They did not stay long as they like the protection of thickets, trees, and hedgerows.


Margaret said...

Oh those goldfinches! So pretty!

Barb said...

Seeing the hawk always makes me nervous for the little birds!

Pull the other thread said...

Beautiful pictures and great stitching.

Carol said...

Your latest Noah WIP looks like it will be quite an enjoyable piece to stitch, Beth... I get so scared for the tinier birds/rodents when hawks are around, too.