Thursday, April 16, 2015

Woolly Lamb and Yellow Bird

Design - "Gentle as a Lamb"
Designer - Birds of a Feather
Fabric - 30 count R & R Mt. Vernon Mist
Fibers - GAST - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 25 March 2015
Completed - 10 April 2015

As the suggested fabric for this stitch was no longer available, I had to go way out of my comfort zone and come up with an acceptable replacement.  I think that I did a pretty good job coordinating the fabric with the threads. The woolly coat was challenging.  I asked for suggestions from readers and following their advise stitching the brown swirls and then filled in the oatmeal.  I have two more animals to stitch in this series, an owl and a goose.

April this the time that my Summer Residences first show up.

On Tuesday I was pleased to see this guy - an American Goldfinch.

Some people have Goldfinches year around at their feeders, but mine all live in October.

Here's a good photo to show the differences between a Goldfinch on the left, and a Pine Siskin on the right.

As it turned out two gentlemen came to call Tuesday morning.

I am hoping that more will follow shortly.

Also on Tuesday I had a visit from a very irregular visitor - a Chipping Sparrow.

The bird was not interested in the feeders, but instead worked away gleaning seeds in an unweeded area of a flowerbed.  Keep up the good work bird!


Angela Tucker said...

Just want to take a moment and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I love that you give the names of the plants and birds in your pictures. I have become more aware of the birds I have in my own yard because of you! Thank you!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

We have goldfinches here from spring to late autumn. They make me smile, as they flit about. Today on my walk to school with Ellie we saw a couple of bird distresses....a large black crow, I am sure was trying to steal an egg from a small sparrow and there was a lot of mid-air dive bombing and cawing...
Then once at school, the back part is a deep woods and I saw a blue jay trying to steal an egg from a robin and they were weaving in and out among the tree limbs, round and round fighting...The leaves aren't out here yet (just buds) so I had a clear view of the chaos ensuing. . but on a happier note, I saw a beautiful cardinal (they are here year round) and an Eastern Bluebird on a nesting box :) It rained here last night so lots of big, fat, juicy night crawlers getting stuck on I saved about 17 on the way home...(it is a game we played (me and my children) "save the worms!" so we pick up the big daddy juicy ones and save them by throwing them in a nice lush spot of land)
Your sweet lamb is darling! I can imagine the swirls were something else to see and stitch though!

Linda said...

I love your finish Beth. I really love the whole set. Would you be interested in selling them?


Von said...

Every now and then I'll see a goldfinch around here.
When we were driving home from the Gorge Sunday, we went via Bickleton in the middle of the Horse Heaven Hills and known for bluebirds and I actually saw some flying next to the car. What a treat!

Vickie said...

Squee! That lamb is sooooooooooo adorable.
Our goldfinches came back at the top of the month. I heard them before I saw them at our feeder. :)

Justine said...

I love your swirly sheep! He looks like fun.

Alice said...

Love the sheep--He's so cute!

Margaret said...

Fantastic finishes you've had! Love the sheep! And I love the goldfinches. They are so pretty and colorful!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Neat little sparrow and lovely lamb stitch.

Barb said...

That chirping sparrow is such a very pretty helper! Love to see your gold finches. The sheep design is really cute! I bet the swirls were a challenge.

Frances N said...

The lamb finish is so cute! I love its swirly little curls!!!
Those goldfinches are so bright and pretty!

Melissa said...

I love Gentle as a Lamb. Such a cute finish!

daisy g said...

Your stitching is wonderful! Thank you for sharing this piece of art with us.

Maggee said...

Another great finish! Cute, cute, cute! I have not seen goldfinches at all since the weather changed... sigh. In fact, I have not seen my warblers either. Going to have to visit other places like parks to find them, once the pollen lets up. Hugs!

Melanie said...

The lamb is a cutie. I think I like him better than the fox. (It's the swirls. Gives him character.)