Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cat Construction

Finally I am finished with the outer border! Hurrah!
"Log Cabin Cat" is 56 x 56 for a total of 3136 stitches on tiny 40 count fabric.
I began this back in September and have plodded along very slowly. Now that I'm constructing the cat, I find I'm much more engaged, so maybe I'll get this stitched before the end of the month....though there still is the inner border that must be stitched as well.   

Spring mornings often verge on cold. 
The Turkey Vultures spend such mornings warming their wings and waiting for the air temperature to rise before heading out for the day.

I still have a large group of Pine Siskins hanging about. I'd guess something like 20-25 birds are in the area.

I also have 20-25 Band-tailed Pigeons most afternoons.  I've got my feeders set up so that they are unable to perch.  That helps enormously and keeps them from emptying the feeders in a flash which is what they are capable of. My current set up basically turns them into ground feeders and allows me to determine how much seed I'm willing to share with these Big Pigs!    

My Flickers are having to battle the Starlings for a place at my suet feeders.  

I've taken down a couple of feeders where the Starlings were eating most of the food.  But I'll leave these feeders up as the Flickers and Acorns and Jays also enjoy them.

I enjoy seeing the Flickers perched in a tree.

It's a great way to admire all the feather colors and patterns. 

My Acorn Woodpeckers have been very quiet the last couple of weeks.  I rarely see them at the feeders and if I do, there is only one bird at a time.  I wonder if they have begun to nest. I asked, but this female was coy and would not reply.


Vickie said...

They may be big pigs, but they are really neat looking. ;)

EvalinaMaria said...

Nice progress on your stitching and your birds are awesome, even the pigeons!

Barb said...

So many lovely colors and patterns at the feeders!

Margaret said...

So many stitches in that tiny design? Wow! Love it so far! I do wonder if the acorn woodpeckers are nesting. That would be exciting!

Wanda said...

Beth, each time I see those handsome/beautiful Flickers, it just makes me smile. They are so stunning. And of course, so is Mr. Acorn. As much as the pigeons may be a nuisance, they are beautiful as well. Kevin is not such a fan of mourning doves (and we get lots of them) but I think they are beautiful.
Love your cat - hang in there!

Maggee said...

I have had to change EVERYTHING I do for bird feeding because of the grackles and starlings. So far, so good. They are flustered and not emptying the feeders. You must share what you are doing!

Frances N said...

There are my pretty flickers!!! Love them!
Those pigeons are so pretty, also. I love the stripes on their heads.
The woodpecker is pretty, also. We have them here in Mississippi, but I have to get out my book and see which ones!!!
Love that cat stitch--it looks like you have the hard part already stitched--the kitty will be fun!