Monday, April 27, 2015

Avian Activities

I've begun to stitch the goose.  Much to my surprise it is a black goose with blue details.  I do like the colors, I'd just thought it was going to be a white goose. (And yes, I've stared at the chart photo numerous times without noticing the color of the goose.) 

Mornings are filled with the sight and sounds of the Swallows.

House-hunting has heated up. The Tree Swallows appear to be holding their own and I have every hope that they will 'own' a house and nest this year. 

The male is quite blue - this is my best shot so far.

Here's the happy Tree Swallow couple.

I've counted eight Violet-Green Swallows - four couples.

I keep telling them there are plenty of houses for everyone!

The bird couples have taken to perching on the gutter above the house of their choice.

See the feather in the house?  I think we've started to build nests.  MY large flock of Band-tailed Pigeons (42 at last count) is providing many of the downy feathers the swallows are using for their nesting material.

The California Quail parade about as couple now as well.

For the longest time, I had three pair and a bachelor, but over the weekend I counted four couples - eight birds, so perhaps the bachelor was able to find a like-minded female. 

Most mornings there is a pair of Red-breast Nuthatches at the Big Bird Feeder.

They fly to the feeder, get a sunflower seeds, and then fly to a large tree to lodge the seed in a crevice in the bark.

I wonder how they remember where they've stashed their seeds.  And I wonder how many of their seeds the squirrels and chipmunks find and eat.

The Jays also stash seeds. 

And why not, they seem to ask!

I am still playing around with my feeder configurations.
I'm trying to find feeders that the Evening Grosbeaks can use, but that the Starlings and Band-tailed Pigeons cannot access easily. 

I bought a new feeder on Sunday, I'm hoping that the Evening Grosbeaks will take to it.  Thus far the feeders they prefer are quickly and easily emptied out by the Pigeons.  


Vickie said...

Such great photos Beth. The tire swing is adorable.

Pam in IL said...

Funny that you haven't realized the color of the goose till now. I do that too, though ;-) So interesting watching the birds and their behaviors. Love the tire feeder.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your goose is going to be cute!

Justine said...

I like the blue goose. Your birds are gorgeous and I'm glad they're all finding mates.

Justine said...

I like the blue goose. Your birds are gorgeous and I'm glad they're all finding mates.

Melissa said...

Nice to see the birds. You're so lucky (literally) to have swallows nesting at your place! I don't see swallows in my yard.

I like the goose. I am surprised too as I thought the goose was white!

Barb said...

Wonderful bird photos. I love the way the little nuthatch comes down the tree!

Christine said...

Great goose, and I love seeing your bird photos. The swallows are back here too now

Margaret said...

What spectacular shots of the birds! Wow! Love that the birds are enjoying the birdhouses. Hope you find a good solution for the bird feeder for the Evening Grosbeaks.

LoriU said...

Oh that male blue swallow is what was trying to make nests in our mailbox!!!

Melody said...

I love your goose stitching project! That is such a cute series. Who is the designer? I see you have happy as a lark in your blog header.

Maggee said...

Sure am glad that you showed us the differences between the Tree Swallows and the Violet-Green ones... so interesting! As for not feeding the starlings and pigeons... Will the Grosbeaks eat seed from a feeder? I researched extensively as to what to get, and they clearly keep the pesky birds away. Maybe once a day I see them try, but they cannot fit and/or cling to my new ones...