Saturday, February 28, 2015

Valentine Decorations

I did put out a few items to celebrate Valentine's Day.

I got these three tin buckets as a gift.  I wish I'd taken a photo of the lovely yellow and red tulip bouquet. 

I have some fabric hearts.

Glass hearts and tins.

More fabric hearts. 

Here's the display with a couple of Emma Bridgewater heart items on the far right.

What are these three looking at?

Besides me!

They're looking at these three deer.
Yep we had six of them strolling around.


cucki said...

Wow so sweet
Pretty hearts xx

Justine said...

Your Valentine's display is so pretty! We only really decorate for Christmas in the UK but I love the tradition of decorating for different seasons.

Vickie said...

So lovely Beth. Did you sew up those hearts?

bentneedle said...

I love your Valentine trees! So pretty. One of these days I'll learn how to decorate nicely.

Maggee said...

As stitchers, we are always thinking of ways to decorate with our finishes. But hey- those fabric hearts are really neat! Thanks for the inspiration! If I don't stitch a heart, I can certainly sew one!

Barb said...

A very pretty Valentine's display!

Weronika said...

Lovely Valentine's decoration.

Frances N said...

I LOVE your Valentine's trees! (You know I'm a bit partial to anything tree-related!!!) Such a lovely display!
Those deer are too sweet!

Melanie said...

Very pretty display! Those are great little trees for displaying hanging things.