Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just Add Snow

I need to finish the sled and stitch up some snow and "Snow Fun" will be done.

I see skeins of geese flying north most mornings now.
First I hear them.  Then I search the sky until they come into sight and I can see them.

I had one "V" at a lower elevation so was able to take these two photos.

I'm not good with IDing geese from afar - they look like Canada Geese to me.

Also up high, we had three Turkey Vultures enjoying the air currents yesterday.

While down lower, a hawk surveyed the area.
I think I saved a Towhee yesterday.  A Sharp-shinned swooped by the backyard bird feeders and I yelled and clapped by hands startling it. I think the small hesitation saved the Towhee is was pursuing.

Here's a nice side view of a Pine Siskin. You can see the fine yellow stripes on the wings, and the sharp bill that allows them to crack open seeds of conifers in the boreal forests of Canada.

Compare the Siskin's beak to that of this male House Finch. They'll eat larger seeds including sunflower seeds still in the shell while steering away from the nyjer thistle seeds that the Siskins enjoy. 

The Scrub Jay has a pretty wicked beak too - good for nuts and seeds of any size. 

And now a pitch for the Great Backyard Bird Count! The count is worldwide - U.S., Canada, U.K. - anywhere.  It is from the 13th through the 16th of February. You can participate one day - all days - whatever you please.  All it takes is 15 minutes of your time observing the birds in your yard.  The first couple of years that I participated, I clicked a box which noted something along the lines that I was not able to identify all the birds as I was learning.  So it is very forgiving for newbies and a great way to get kids interested in birds.  Check out the website to see if you might be interested.  If you are in an apartment, you can take a walk in a local park and count the birds you see there! 


Margaret said...

Lovely shots of the birds. You do a wonderful job catching them in action. Love that snowman!

Maggee said...

Okay--I will do the GBBC this year... Hope the weather and the birds work together this year! Hugs!

Pam in IL said...

I'm loving all the snow people you're stitching. I really should get started on these too.

We have many geese flying over us here too. You certainly hear them long before you see them.

I'm looking forward to the GBBC as I've spotted a few new birds in my backyard the past couple of days. Hopefully they'll be here during the counting period.

Carol said...

Such a cute WIP, Beth!

I'm always amazed at just how loud the flocks of geese are as they approach! I do love seeing them flying overhead (not so much love is felt when they land on our pond and leave their messes back there in the spring!).

Justine said...

Cute almost-finish! I love those LK snowmen.

Your birds in the US are so different to ours here in the UK! It's really interesting to see them. You take some beautiful photographs.

LDR said...

Thank you for all the lovely photos of birds! Your stitching is inspiring. I love both stitching & bird watching so I enjoy your blog very much.

Frances N said...

Snowman is adorable!
I do love Canada Geese! We actually have tons of them here in Mississippi! All year long. They are so big and beautiful and the come in our yard and walk around--such fun to watch. (they are quite messy though, and that's rather unpleasant) I love to hear them honk-so musical! I live by a creek that runs into a reservoir, and they are around constantly.
All of the other birds you showed today are lovely, too. I'm going to read about that bird count--I am not familiar with it.