Thursday, February 26, 2015

One More Valentine

Here's my latest start - "For Keeps" by The Trilogy.

And here's some photos of my Winter Reliable Regulars

A Towhee - I have anywhere from 5 to 8 waiting in the morning.

The Towhees are outnumbered by the Golden-crowned Sparrows. There are groups of 10-15 each morning.  

I sometimes see a House Finch or two eating with the Pine Siskins.

I thought the Pine Siskins were on the move, but no, there are still a few at the feeders each day.  I sometimes see a larger group in flight, but 7 or 8 birds is now the most at the feeders, and more often there are only one or two.

The Band-tailed Pigeons now number three - so far they've not come to the feeders which is great as they are uber-hogs! 


Justine said...

What beautiful birds! I love the Golden Crowned Sparrows. Your new start looks pretty.

Maggee said...

Every time I see the Pine Siskins, it makes me wonder if I have them or are what I have always House Finches? But... I think it is House Finches, cause I don't see yellow on the wing areas. They are a tricky species to ID. You have had a great number visiting you regularly. Hugs!

Giovanna said...

Lovely new start. I keep learning about new birds from your blog, I love that :-)

Frances N said...

That Valentine will be cute, too! You select great patterns!
Loving those bird photos--so interesting!

Barbi said...

Lovely birds! Great start on your Valentine piece. I am working on one that is taking way more time that I thought that it should. Hopefully be finished with it this weekend.

Barb said...

We are seeing a few less birds in this mild weather. Still have the Juncos and the Chickadees!