Saturday, February 7, 2015

Change in the Weather

We've had several dreary foggy days.
Thankfully they have given away to a rainy day or two. 

While birding is not great during a downpour, afterward everyone comes out to eat.

A bunny or two have figured out that I toss sunflower seeds on the ground near the big bird feeder. 

There is usually one that pops out of the thicket and waits for me to put out breakfast. 

It would seem that bunnies like sunflower seeds too.

Aren't those sweet big brown eyes?

And that velvety nose!
Easter's on its way!


Vickie said...

I had never thought of putting sunflower seeds out for bunnies! =)

Melody said...

What a sweet bunny. I've been behind in blog reading, so while I've been hurrying to catch up, I'm ashamed to say, very little commenting. We are in for some melting here this weekend, so hooray!

Justine said...

Gorgeous bunny! I do love rabbits. He has beautiful eyes.

Frances N said...

Precious bunny and deer photos, too!! I do love the birds, but also the animals! I guess I just adore all creatures! Thanks for sharing!

Maggee said...

Here comes Peter Cottontail... :)