Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cold Temperatures

We had a bit of freezing rain Thursday morning.

It coated the trees...

...and the bird feeders.
Fortunately it did not last for long.
We now have clear skies and cold nights. Saturday night the low was 28F and Sunday night is to be colder still.

Recently I counted four Anna's Hummingbirds. 

With the freezing and near-freezing temperatures, the birds are sharing the feeders without fighting.

My male Anna looked pretty miserable in the cold.

Though that did not stop him from perching atop my Witch Hazel and guarding 'his' feeders.

I think Padma and Tom-Cat have the right idea!
This is how we should spend a cold gray day. 


Margaret said...

Oh brrr! So you're cold too, huh? We might get some freezing rain tonight. I'm hoping it stays rain and doesn't freeze.

Anna van Schurman said...

Your first picture looks so lovely, like a painting. Why is it that ice is so beautiful? And yet so dangerous.

Pam in IL said...

I'm with Padma and Tom-Cat -- napping inside on a cold day, but I'd also be watching the hummers from the window.

Barb said...

The cats definitely have the right idea. I always feel so sorry for the birds when it gets this cold. Thankfully we are due to go back to our drizzle and warmer temps by Thurs.

Maggee said...

It is pretty cold here today, too... About 38 degrees. Ugh! Not my fave! But 'they' say we will have a warm-up this weekend. Ok--we shall see!