Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another Turkey...Start

Yep another turkey start!  This is called "Thanksgiving Sampler" and is a design by Twisted Threads.

Some of us are gearing up for a big Thanksgiving meal!
This really long lean cat is Solomon.  He's been off the antibiotics for a couple of weeks now and seems to be holding his own.   

Skeins of geese continue to fly over head.  

And a Red-tailed Hawk took temporary ownership of the Acorn Woodpeckers' granary tree. 

So the Acorns hung out in the dead top branches of a Big Leaf Maple.
There are four birds in this photo.

And four birds again - but the one on the lower right corner is a 'new bird' - so there were five birds total in the tree. 

Where just last week groups of Pine Siskins stormed my feeders, now it is the House Finches. 

Here's a male.

And a female.

I'd pretty much decided the Pine Siskins had left the area, but when I examined this photo I found a straggler.
I still have a couple of Lesser Goldfinches as well. 

And there are more Juncos than I can count.

I'll leave off with another "V" of geese.


Vickie said...

Oh did I chuckle from Solomon. :)

Margaret said...

Me too -- love that pic of Solomon. He looks so so relaxed and content. lol!

Giovanna said...

Nice start on the turkey. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I so enjoy seasonal stitchings. Please tell Solomon he needs to learn to relax. LOL

Happy Thanksgiving

Mary said...

Could Solomon get anymore comfortable? We sometimes looks at our cats and think " I wish I could be so comfortable". Not a care in the world. Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

laceystitcher said...

Now that is one relaxed cat! Love it. Happy Thanksgiving.

Barb said...

Those V's are so pretty to see. Glad to hear Solomon is doing well!!

Maggee said...

This morning we had a group of robins visiting, cause the weather is warm. And one day last week we had a bunch of either goldfinches or black capped chickadees visiting our neighbors tree and our fence... Gotta move the feeder--can't see it!