Saturday, March 29, 2014

Yet Another Rainy Day

I said I was going to show off my little area with native plants.
But yesterday all it did was rain, rain harder, and then rain some more.
So no plant photos today.  

Parvati spent yesterday tucked away in a nook on the back patio on top of the clothes dryer vent.  Smart girl. 

Even with the rain, there was a line of Flickers waiting for their turn at the suet feeders. 

They have such a funny, wide-legged stance.

I think there were more Juncos than any other bird around.

Though the Jays came by too. Really, a drink at the bird bath with all the rain and puddles?

The quail showed up for lunch.

A couple of House Finches.

One guy is red, red, red while the other has only the slightest bit of color. 

I didn't see even one White-crowned Sparrow this winter.

Now that it is spring and they are supposed to be migrating to B.C., the N.W. Territories, the Yukon and Alaska, who should show up?

Nice to see you, even if it is just for a day or two!


missy said...

Beautiful pictures. May I ask what camera you use? Rainy day here in my neck of much garden prep to do but Mother Nature keeps me indoors. Tomorrow will be much better and I will be outside all day....let the planting begin again.

Have a great weekend!!

cucki said...

Beautiful photos x

Barb said...

It looks like the birds don't mind the rain! Such detailed wonderful photos of our feathered friends!

Melody said...

The cats always seem to find the most cushiony spot around, don't they? I'm sure the dryer vent was a good choice. The birds are lovely as always.

Margaret said...

Wow, those white crowned sparrows are really interesting looking!

Pam in IL said...

I heard your area was going to have alot of much needed rain. Beautiful birds!

Maggee said...

Did I tell you we have a House Finch nest in the crook of our downspout under the eaves? Such a funny spot, but smart also. Safe from rain. Pretty well hidden. I am on the lookout for sounds of babies, tho it is still early.