Monday, March 10, 2014

Another Party Heard From

I thought I might finish "July's Delphinium" on Sunday, but no.
I got another leaf stitched, and made good progress on the second delphinium.  Soon, soon!

Parvati says she is SICK AND TIRED of all the Johnson and Charlie photos of late.  She says (as anyone can clearly see) that she is the clear winner of the Cutest Cat Ever Award.  

Hummingbirds might be the Cutest Birds Ever.

Coming in for a landing.

Wheels down

Flight ANNA747 has landed.

A drink or a swim?

Let me think.

Nice cold, clear water.

A drink it is!

I've not seen much of my Anna's Hummingbirds the past couple of weeks.  I've read that they are already nesting so perhaps that's why they've been AWOL.
For at least the second year in a row, an Anna has made a nest by a window of our local newspaper. She's currently sitting on her eggs which are about the size of jelly beans.  They have an Anna Cam - take a look!


Vickie said...

Parvati is beautiful. :)
The link is cool, but it was real dark. I couldn't see much. I will try again.

Brigitte said...

Hummingbirds are such beautiful birds. We don't have them over here :( Thanks for the link to the nest webcam.

Melissa said...

Your stitched piece is very pretty. You'll be done soon!

Parvati is a cute kitty.

Nice photos of the Anna!

Parsley said...

I commented on the Garden Journal SAL but thought I would here too. Lovely work!!!

I need your mailing address. I had planned on giving a few goodies to someone who joined our SAL and it's YOU!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Your stitched piece looks great. I love the hummingbird

Carol said...

Oh, you're so close to a finish on that pretty piece, Beth! Love the little hummer--I could watch them all day :)

Barb said...

Your cross stitch is just beautiful. I am really liking all those flowers you are stitching. Love the cat and Hummingbird photos. You have just explained why our Annas has been AWOL.

Margaret said...

I am in love with those delphiniums! Wow! Gorgeous colors! Love the action pics of the hummingbird too. I have to go see the webcam now....

Wanda said...

Parvati wins today! She is gorgeous (but don't tell her, so are her housemates and Johnson and Charlie!). You are making great progress on July's Delphinium. Each one you do becomes my new favourite! Great pictures of the Anna hummingbird and great shots on the Anna Cam.

Barb said...

Your stitching (as usual) is wonderful and Parvati is adorable and thank you for the link to the amazing hummingbird. They are the most amazing little birdies.

Your site is always so interesting - thank you so much

Unknown said...

Llegan colibríes a mi casa a alimentarse de las flores , y es todo un espectáculo verlos, gracias por mostrar tus fotos, son maravillosas

Pam in IL said...

Yep, Parvati is the Cutest Cat! June's Delphinium is coming along nicely. Your hummingbird pics are awesome!

Catherine said...

Such an adorable kitty of course! Those Anna's amaze me!

Shebafudge said...

So pretty! Beautiful stitching. :)

What a gorgeous hummingbird too. Such a lovely colour!