Saturday, March 8, 2014

Checking In

Look who's checking in this morning!
It's Johnson doing her Happy Otter impression!
Johnson and Charlie have settled into their new living situation with cat-like ease.  They have an array of M*S catnip mice, a new cat- carrier, and have claimed the master bedroom bed as their own.  I don't think they could be happier! 

My Cat Crew is happy to report that the chipmunks have returned!
Chipmunk TV is one of their favorite channels.

I keep a look out for the elusive Gray Jays.
So far just Scrubs and Steller's.  

My California Quail enjoyed a spot of sunshine yesterday. 

They are smart birds - always on the lookout for hawks and other predators.

I was surprised to see my Bushtits in the backyard yesterday.
I think they might have come to the feeders there, but I startled them.

As I am typing away this morning, I am listening to the Flickers' Spring Serenade!  One of them is pounding away on the roof above my head. Ah, spring!

Still have lots of Juncos at the feeders.  Two days ago a hawk swooped in and snatched at one.  I couldn't tell if it was successful or not, but I can tell you it was so FAST!

I know Red-winged Blackbirds are considered to be rather common, mundane birds.  But I don't see them very often on our property. 

Yesterday a pair of young males came to have a meal at the suet feeder.

They hung around for about 30 minutes.

You can see the very beginnings of a Red Wing developing on this fellow.
Such a pretty melodic song the birds sing.

Are you ready for the weekend?  I am!


Ann at Beadlework. said...

I'm so glad puss cats have settled in well and are enjoying their new home.

Melody said...

What wonderful bird pictures again! Your happy cat looks content. I'm glad you are seeing signs of Spring.

Giovanna said...

Very nice bird pictures again - so interesting to so many varieties, and different from our European ones.

Vickie said...

Oh I am so glad the two girls are happy in their new home!
That junco picture is adorable.

Margaret said...

LOL! Love that pic of Johnson's Otter impression! So cute, and such good news that they are settling in well! Love all the bird pics too. Of course!

Barb said...

What a cute cat photo!! the birds all look happy with the nice sunny day. We are having major rain today!!

Catherine said...

Such sweet news to hear the kitties like their new home! It has been a treat catching up on your posts ~ I didn't comment on all ~ I think I was 20 or so behind ~ but I enjoyed all the nature photos and the stitches!

Pam in IL said...

It's so good to see the kitties have settled in their new home. Love the bird pics.

Sally said...

What a cute photo of Johnson! Glad the kitties have settled.

Love all your wildlife photos.

Sherry said...

The birds are just beautiful!!

Chris said...

Such amazing pics Beth!

Melanie said...

*rubs the belly*
What a cutie!!

Maggee said...

I think I just stitched a red winged blackbird on a project recently. I haven't stitched much lately, but a little here and there seems to quiet the longing. Mine was a 'mature' one cause he has the red on the wing! I know it is the way of nature, but I hope that Junco didn't get swooped up--they are very cute! Won't ever see one here. Hugs!