Sunday, February 16, 2014

Well Phooey!

I narrowed it down to three, and then Saturday evening I started stitching on the Fanci That heart on the right. Thank you everyone who weighed in on my Ewe & Eye & Friend DMC 310 heart issue. I am house-sitting so I will have to wait until I am home again to try out all the suggestions.

I am looking after two furry sisters.  Johnson...

...and Charlie.

They are about 12 years old  - such sweetly affectionate girls.
They lost their owner to cancer on Friday and so are in need of some extra attention.  I'm hoping to find them a new, happy home where they will be together, comfortable and loved.

There are four large, furry reasons that I cannot take Johnson and Charlie home, otherwise, believe me I would as they are wonderful kitties.

Saturday's weather was miserable - a continual down pour most of the day and being away from home precluded me taking a Bird Census.
My sister attempted one but said there was literally no activity.

Here's what she observed:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

  • 01 Stellars Jay
  • 07 Juncos
  • 05 Black Cap Chickadees 
  • 02 Chestnut Backed Chickadees
  • 04 Spotted Towhees
The neighbor next door here in town feeds the birds and I have permission to 'snoop' in her backyard.  If the weather allows, I might try a census of her birds.


Vickie said...

Awww, Beth. What you are doing for Johnson and Charlie truly, really warms my heart. What a blessing you are.♥

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Oh Beth, it's so sad when an owner passes away and leaves pets. At least they have you at the moment, poor wee mites, my heart goes out to them. They look so adorable and sweet, I hope things work out and you find the right home for them.

Melissa said...

Oh did it ever pour and the wind! It is bright and sunny this morning but I think more rain is coming later!

Those two girls have such sweet faces. I hope a good home can be found for them.

Have a good Sunday, Beth!

Margaret said...

Sounds like everything is working against you for the bird count. Oh well. I hope you find a good home for Charlie and Johnson. Poor things.

Maggee said...

You have a good heart, to assist in helping those kitties find a new home! Hope that you get to go to a neighbor's house to count! Hugs!

Barb said...

Very kind of you Beth to help with the kitties! I hope they find good homes soon. We have had very stormy weather and very few birds!

Annette-California said...

So sorry for your loss. You are wonderful to help and stay with your friends kitties. Hope you do find new homes for them.
love Annette

Andrea said...

It is good that you are house-sitting for the kitties but under terrible circumstances. I hope they find good homes.

RuthB said...

Excellent birding and I just love your very own bird -- I think xs birds should count twice :) because they are so cute.

Catherine said...

So sorry for your loss ~ I do hope you have had some luck finding the sweeties a new home...