Monday, February 17, 2014

All About Birds....Kind da'

Design - "Blue Tit" (kit)
Designer - Madeleine Floyd
Fabric - 32 count mystery chocolate brown linen
Fibers - unknown DMC maybe - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 9 February 2014
Completed - 9 February 2014

When I was in the U.K. I fell in love with the art work of Madeleine Floyd.  I bought some tea towels, a book, and placemats.  While together in the National Heritage shop in York in June 2013, the ever-observation Michelle aka Mouse  noticed that I lingered over Madeleine's items.  When I returned home in August, Michelle sent me a this kit - so perfect! The lovely little bird, though British, is very much in keeping with the theme of the Great Backyard Bird Count!  

I can't remember where I found this photo of Blue Tits in the snow, but it does a great job of showing just how true to form Madeleine's design is.

And I was exceptionally lucky too, as I was able to see a Blue Tit perched in an Empress Tree.

The bird played hide and seek, but you can see the distinctive yellow chest, blue head, and the gray line through the eye area

And now back to American birds like this Towhee!

Though I am staying in town, I was able to make one small early Sunday morning observation as noted below: 

Sunday 16th of February 2014
8:30-9:00am - In north Eugene, OR 

  • 03 American Crow 
  • 03 American Robin  
  • 03 European Starling 
  • 01 Spotted Towhee - the bird in the photo above
  • 10 Dark-eyed Junco 
  • 05 House Finch  
  • 02 House Sparrow  

My dear sister filled in for me and turned in these two reports - bird sightings from our home.

Sunday, 16th of February
8:00-8:30am - At home as reported by my sister

  • 01 California Quail      
  • 02 Acorn Woodpeckers 
  • 08 Steller's Jay 
  • 02 Western Scrub-Jay  
  • 01 Black-capped Chickadee  
  • 01 Yellow-rumped Warbler  
  • 03 Spotted Towhee  
  • 02 Song Sparrow  
  • 04 Golden-crowned Sparrow 
  • 02 Dark-eyed Junco  
This sighting is cool as she was able to see the Yellow-rumped Warbler at the suet feeder in the front of the house.

Sunday, 16th of February
9:00-9:30am - At home as reported by my sister

  • 27 California Quail  
  • 04 Steller's Jay 
  • 01 Western Scrub-Jay 
  • 04 Black-capped Chickadee 
  • 05 Song Sparrow  
  • 01 Band-tailed Pigeon 
This second period of bird observation is great for a couple of reasons.  First my sister managed to be looking at a time our covey of California Quail was active.  Secondly, she saw a Band-tailed Pigeon roosting on a Shepherd's hook and bird feeder in the backyard.  While we have a group of Pigeons that tops out to over fifty birds in late summer, the birds migrate in late October and generally are elsewhere this time of year. I had to add additional comments confirming the certainty and validity of the sighting. Great job Little Sister - Way to Rock the Count! 

Thanks for all the kind comments concerning Johnson and Charlie's situation.

As you can see Johnson does not appear to be too stressed about the situation.

I think Charlie looks a bit worried though.

Today is the final day of the bird count. If the weather allows I'll try for one more In Town count. 


Vickie said...

Oh my goodness. That blue tit stitch is really precious. Love the coloring.

Maggee said...

You did a fantastic job on the stitching for the Blue Tit. It is very realistic! Hope you get a good count today!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Blue tits are such bonnie little birds. They're quite hard to catch on camera though as they flit from branch to branch so quickly. There's one visiting our garden daily at the moment, we often get them in greater numbers as spring approaches.

Carol said...

I do hope you can find a loving home for Johnson and Charlie, Beth--although they look quite content at your place!

Lovely little bird stitching :)

Margaret said...

I love that little bird you stitched! So pretty! Good going on the bird count -- your sister did a great job! I'm still keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Charlie and Johnson!

Mouse said...

awww it looks fab on that fabric :) and I was good remembering wasn't I
awww hope you find a new home for the furbabies .... and well done on the bird count ... by the time I get home it is too dark to count any ... love mouse xxxx

Chris said...

Funny cats!
Sweet stitching finish.
Your count looks great, so many different birds.

Pam in IL said...

Great birds and counts! Love that little Blue Tit finish too.

The kitties are adorable.

Andrea said...

Love the Blue Tit finish.

Catherine said...

Sweet finish!