Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lots of Rain

With lots and lots of rain the past few days, I've mostly been indoors.
That makes for good stitching time. I decided to kit up this SamSarah design.  I think it will be interesting to stitch hearts in colors other than red or pink.

Speaking of rain...

Our Big Creek in running fast and furious!
A few years ago the bridge from the Secret Path to my sister's Dahlia Garden washed out during a flood.  When my father and brother rebuilt the bridge, they raised its level above the creek.  As you can see, even at its new elevation it is not any too high.

Here's a photo of Dorothy's Creek a few weeks ago.

Look at the water volume now!
Someone has asked to come out to one of our 'unnamed' creeks and take a fish census.  I'd like to watch and see what they find.  Stay tuned!

The brown bunnies have just one question - when are they going to get their own Great Backyard Bunny Count?


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely thread colours for you new stitch Beth, I'm really into SamSarah designs at the moment.

Mary said...

I think a fish count sounds a bit 'silly', one fish, two fish comes to mind.

Margaret said...

Well you need the rain, right? I hope there's no flooding though. We are facing rain here, so same sort of worry with all the snow pack. Sigh.

Pam in IL said...

The new project looks exciting. I can't wait to see how it looks on that fabric.

We've had a couple of days with warmer temps and that's started some melting and flooding. Then the heavy rain came last night and today. I don't have a rain gauge out, but I'm sure we've had several inches of rain. Tomorrow we're headed back into the colder temps and I hope all the standing water gets a chance to drain before it freezes.

Andrea said...

Looking forward to seeing your new project. Hope that rain keeps at bay, you don't want that creek to flood!