Thursday, November 7, 2013

Works in Progress - Stitching and Gardening

As yesterday was WIP Wednesday I unearthed Blackbird Design's "Fair Daffodil" which I started in a very small way back in May of 2011 

and then proceeded to abandon. 

Why did I stop?
Oh, let me count the reasons!
#1.The photos do not show it clearly, but the fabric (R & R 18th Century Rook) is extremely dark and mottled.
#2. Stitching cursive handwriting over one thread.
#3. Very small font used to chart pattern.

I probably broke a copy-write law, but I enlarge the portion of the chart with the cursive sentiment.  I then started stitching and used a bright yellow highlighter to mark my progress and keep me on track. As you can see, I managed to add "daffodils, we" to the "Fair" I'd already stitched.  So away we go...

For a blog called Garden Grumbles, I sure haven't mentioned my gardening efforts much since returning home in late August.

That is in part because I kinda' lost my gardening mojo for a while.  The whole Fall Clean Up process is my least favorite part of the gardening year. 
I did manage, with my mother's help (Thanks Mom!), to get the Front Porch ready for winter.
Now I have lots of pots to empty and clean and store away.  I'm hoping to save the begonia tubers (on the left) and start new plants from them in the spring.

As for the Back Patio, I have everything there pretty ship-shape.
The salvias, dianthus,and agastaches have all been cut back and are in a semi-sheltered area for the winter. The cage protects them from deer incursions. 

I put all my tender succulents in the greenhouse a couple of weeks ago.  They are on the top shelf.
Yesterday morning I worked on getting the fuchsias cut back in in the greenhouse. I think I have something over 26 fuchsias.

Fuchsias to the left and to the right!

I still have much to do.
I have over 18 pansies and violas to plant and set out on the Front Porch and the now empty three tiered plant stand in the nook of the Back Patio. I also have some cyclamen and several sedums - all of which need homes.
And oh yes, I have some bulbs to pot up for some early spring color.
And I still have all my Garden Art to store away for the winter.
See, that's why I need Staff!

I'm not certain what I'll tackle next.
Probably the pansies.
But maybe I'll just enjoy the display of agaves and lewisias.
They've all been moved back under the eves of the Back Patio where they will be warmer and drier as suits their winter needs.
Did I mention my gardening muscles are moaning loudly about their exertions?    


Mary said...

Don't worry I enlarge charts too...I think you can copy for your own use. I cannot remember the last actual chart I used, I fold the copy and write the # of stitches from point A to B all the time. My original charts look pristine. Since charts seem to be getting smaller , can't be my eyes, I do have to enlarge some section too. I think your putting garden to bed projects look like work to me. Here in New England you might bring in a geranium maybe... otherwise it's just bringing in garden art.

Susan said...

I enlarge chart parts all the time. As long as you are copying/enlarging for your own use, I believe you are within the copyright. You have been busy. I don't have a lot of winter work to do outside, but do need to get busy with it soon.

carol fun said...

You have been quite busy with your pots - nice to get them buttoned up for winter. As for enlarging the chart - I do it all the time. They just make them too small for these aging eyes and as long as it is jut for your personal use I think you are fine -

Vickie said...

I hear ya Beth. The Fall Cleanup process is getting harder and harder for me to pull off. I have been doing it in bits at a time.

Catherine said...

Busy, busy!!

Barb said...

I nearly always enlarge the charts. My old eyes are just needing help. I think ,like others, it's ok if you do it just for yourself. It sounds like daffodils is a daunting project. That and along with fall garden work is keeping you busy!Your clean up is looking very good.

Margaret said...

I admire anyone who gardens. Period. No way can I do that stuff. lol! I'll root you on with the over one cursive. Looks a bear for sure. Enlarging the chart should help. I do that sort of thing all the time -- no copyright problems to me. :D

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Oh my goodness girl! That's a whole lotta work going on! And I would have abandoned that project too....I will be cheering you on though from the stands :)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Oh my goodness girl! That's a whole lotta work going on! And I would have abandoned that project too....I will be cheering you on though from the stands :)

Pam in IL said...

I think most designers allow a working copy to be made as long as it's destroyed when you're done with it.

I don't especially care for stitching over one or the fall garden clean up either.

Andrea said...

I'm way behind in blog reading. I'm another that has a working copy. I enlarge if I can't see it well enough and then I mark off the stitches as I go.

Melanie said...

Enlarging is quite fine but I agree - it does feel a little naughty regardless because we hear SO MUCH about copying. :)
(Relatedly, I've mostly stopped looking at cross stitch stuff on Pinterest because of copying. Holy moly, so much illegal copying on there. Yikes. It seriously bums me out how blatant it is.)
Cursive stitching doesn't seem like much fun to me but it does look neat. :)