Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's Been a Good Week

It's been a good week.
We've made lots of trips down to the Big Bird Feeder and Woodpile to check out chipmunks and quail.

We've managed to finish up most of the gardening chores too. 

The Front Porch is now spic and span.

The picnic benches are topped with Pansies,while the Hostas hibernate between the benches. 

The Sedum Bench has been cleaned and 'refreshed'. 

It's tucked under the eves on the Back Patio.
Usually the cats' chairs are in front of it, so you've probably seen it in the background of lots of my photos.  

I ended up buying a couple of ferns and a few more Pansies.

Oh, and I bought a few more bulbs.  Hey they were 30% off!
They're all potted up now.  I'm hoping for an explosion of spring color.

I never planted out my spring of 2013 bulbs, so I checked to make sure the bubls were still viable.  Then I topped them off with some bone meal.  I wonder how many pots of bulbs I have anyway!

As you can see I still need to clean up my Potting Bench.
Then only thing I'll have left to do is clean and store my garden art bits and bobs.  I can do that come rain or shine.  


Margaret said...

So much work! It's looking great!

Vickie said...

That pumpkin wreath is way cool! Love it.

Susan said...

Busy! But it is going to be so beautiful through the winter and especially the spring.

Carol said...

A good week is always worth celebrating :)

Tea norman said...

I love ferns. Never have done well with them. Yours looks healthy.

cucki said...

Aww truly a good week..
Hugs x

Catherine said...

You have been busy!!

Melissa said...

Oh, now I hang my head in embarrassment. I'd better not let my DH see this post!

Good for you that you got so much accomplished this week! It will look great in the spring!

Barb said...

Everything looks spic and span! You are going to have a beautiful spring!

Mary said...

My, you have been busy... May I ask why don't you plant spring bulbs in the ground?

Pam in IL said...

That sure is alot of work! You're so lucky that you get to keep all your potted plants nearby to see all winter. We only get two views throughout our winter -- either brown and dead or covered in snow.

Maggee said...

Great going! Wish I had a bit more spare time... never seem to get it all done these days! Sigh! You have gotten a lot done! Hugs!

Melanie said...

So_much_work! Go you, for sticking with it and gittin' er done. :)