Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Cats Won't Walk With Me - Will You?

It's unanimous...

...all the votes are in... 

...and the clear winner (4-0) is...

"Old Friends" by The Goode Huswife - my next stitch.
I think the furries were intrigued by a pair of cats willing to share their cat dish.  That never happens here! 

It's Wednesday - the temperatures are comfortable once again.
Let's go for a walk. (The cats as a group decline to join us!)

We don't have to go far to find Bull Thistles and bees hard at work. 

There's a Cedar tree down by my sister's dahlia garden.  The boughs are so pretty and delicate.

These berries look as though they are ripe.  (Can you tell I'm having trouble - again - identifying the plant?) 

Another sign of autumn - the leaves of the wild cherries are starting to turn.

I was pleased to find the seed pod of the Columbia Lily and split open.  The seeds are dry and ready to fall out when the pod splits open further as it dries.  I broke off one pod and will plant the seeds near the house.  I'm going to mark it carefully and hope to have some lily seedlings come next summer. 

No one eats the berries of the Common Snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus).  They are inedible and considered poisonous by some.

The berries on the Cascara are ripe and edible!  Still no sign of Cedar Waxwings though - last year they had a feast in the Cascara trees.

I love Oak Galls.  They look like small dotted glass balls.
I've posted about them several times - you can read more about them here.

The fruit of the wild Dogwood is turning color.  Dogwood fruit has one of the highest fat contents of any food in the forest-nearly 18%. The fat content is  important to both songbirds bulking up for a trans-Gulf migration, and to game birds such as turkey and grouse putting on layers of fat for the winter. Dogwood fruit is also high in calcium, the major component of eggshells.

The berries on the Madrone are beginning to ripen.
Several kinds of birds eat the berries including Robins, Morning Doves,Flickers, Steller's Jays, Cedar Waxwings, and Band-tailed Pigeons.  Wow!
If you ever needed proof of the importance of native trees and shrubs - there you have it! 


Carol said...

Oh, those lazy kitties! Well, you really can't blame them wanting to relax and enjoy the last few weeks of sunny summer weather :)

I love your new pick, Beth! Have never seen that Goode Huswife chart--it will be perfect for a cat-loving household!

Denise said...

I've seen Oak Galls before and never knew what caused them - went to your other post and learned something new today. Thanks!

Darned cats are too independent.

Gabi said...

Your cats letting you down and won't walk with you? I'll join in with pleasure. It's winter here, and I love to soak up a bit Summer while the lazy bums are laying in the sun.
Love their choice for the next project though. They do have quite some taste. Although I suspect them having a good laugh at the thought of sharing...anything.

cucki said...

Awww cute kitties :) I will walk with you
Lovely new chart..happy stitching xxx

Melody said...

I just adore your sweet kitties. They all look so content. Great nature pics, as always. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the new project all done up :)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I like the look of your new stitch, who can resist kitties, stitched or otherwise. Nature really lets us know when the seasons are changing.

Siobhán said...

Great photos! I love the one of the bee on the thistle. Your new stitch is going to be a lot of fun--I can definitely see from where you go the inspiration to stitch it! ;)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for coming by. When I saw your list of trees, shrubs and birds, I thought......Northwest, so I took a closer look. A little north of you in Salem, these are all familiar friends, although last week was the first time I ever saw a Stellars Jay at my feeder since moving from Washington, having mostly Scrub Jays. Yes, I too have seen some signs of fall with rows of trees beginning to show color. But so far, it is still very much late summer here. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

Yael from ahome Garden Diggers

Maggee said...

I walked with you! And learned a lot, as always! Thanks! Hugs!

Barb said...

After a very busy morning of blueberry picking and running around in general, I know just how the kitties feel! Thank you for the delightful and informative walk.

Patty C. said...

Enjoyed the photos ;)

Melanie said...

Very nice pick! I think that gray cat might need to be changed to orange though or you might have a revolt on your hands. Lol