Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alphabets and Birds

"Gingham Bunny" is stitching up quickly.  I thought I might be a basket-case what with the one thread over one strand thing, but not so.  The chart replicates the 12 by 12 squares, and it is very easy to move from square to square and not mess up the count.

My walks the last couple of weeks have featured several plants that the birds enjoy feasting on this time of year.  The Gold Finches are already checking out the Teasel, though I think it is too early for seeds.

They are also working away in the Canada Thistle munching seeds. 

And they use the seeds to line their nests.  Can you imagine how soft and comfy they must be?

The Gold Finches appear to eat the seeds of the daisies.

And they consume blackberries too.

Not to mention grass seeds. 

I have a Front Porch Helper.  The last few days this small snake has either been in the flowerbeds in front of the porch, or up on the porch itself, hidden amongst the potted plants.  I also have seen (and heard) a small frog.  I think the frog is attracted to the relative dampness of the porch.  I water regularly, and there is usually water standing in the saucers of the pots.     


Carol said...

Your bunny piece is looking so cute, Beth. Glad to hear it is an easy stitch.

Loved all the photos except for the snake--I am afraid of any type, no matter how small. (But not as afraid as I am of bats!!)

Melody said...

I always look forward to seeing the nature pics you post. We have very little variety of flora and fauna where I live (the most we see is a bunny now and then), so it's a real treat to see so much beautiful nature. Gingham Bunny is coming along very nicely!!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

How do the cats react to seeing a snake so close to the house Beth?

cucki said...

aww cute bunny it so much..
i also found two times snake in my africa it is normal :)
sweet birdie..
big hugs cucki xx

Bluebell Woods said...

The snake is after the frog, I love those little Garter snakes. They do eat frogs though just so ya know and dont get a surprise one morning. I saw one the other day just about that size out in the woods. Picture on my blog