Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sleepy Saturday

I am Happy as a Lark - so that's my next stitch.

It's hard to wake up on a Saturday morning.

Even the Quail have been sleeping in on these hot days.

They've not shown up until 7:30am or so.

They are then active for a couple of hours...

...until about 10:00am.

The everyone lays low...

...until 7:00pm when it begins to cool off. 

The Quail must be on a Beat the Heat schedule.


cucki said...

aww it is such a cute much ME
truly looks like i am looking myself in the chart :)
enjoy your stitching on it.
beautiful pictures of lovely fellows..
hugs and love xxx

Margaret said...

Love the new project. So cute about the quail and their beat the heat schedule! They're smart!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I do love Bird of a Feather designs, they are truly unique.

trillium said...

I think quail are such beautiful birds. I find their shape, little topknot, and muted colors so pleasing. Thank you for all the pics!