Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bunnies and Birds

Some folks have felt slighted the last few days as I've had a 'Bird Blogging Focus'.  So here's a Bunny Update. 

A couple of bunnies greeted me Friday - Sunflower Seed Fans - Bunny #1

...and Bunny #2

Oops - Back to  Birds! 
Also ready to eat at the Sunflower Buffet, a young female California Quail...

...and a Sparrow or Wren of some sort. 

A Tree Top Steller's Jay

A Sky-High Turkey Vulture - See the red head?  

This photo is a bit fuzzy, but again the red head is visible.  I think the way the feathers splay at the end of the wings is most interesting.  I can tell you they are wonderfully graceful fliers!  

Again a blurry picture - but in my book way, way cool!
This is a Varied Thrush.  My very first sighting of one on our property.  He was hanging out in the front yard with a bunch of Robins.  Originally I thought it might be a Flicker or a Meadowlark, but it is definitely a Varied Thrush.  For a better look at this pretty bird click this link.  The coolest thing was that I got to add him to the last day (Monday) of the Great Backyard Bird Count. 

Count     Species
11 California Quail
16 Mourning Doves
02 Anna's Hummingbirds
01 Rufous Hummingbird
01 Downy Woodpecker
01 Hairy Woodpecker
03 Northern Flickers
11 Steller's Jays
02 Western Scrub-Jays
02 Black-capped Chickadees
24 American Robins
01 Varied Thrush
04 European Starlings
02 Spotted Towhees
03 Song Sparrows
08 Dark-eyed Juncos (Oregon)
10 House Finches
10 Pine Siskins


Barb said...

Those pictures are just great. I'll have to start trying to spot a turkey vulture. Our most exciting bird sighting this year was: going around a curve and down a hill, we saw what we thought was a large cat in the road way ahead. As we got closer we realized it was an eagle dealing with road kill! Of course, no camera! Have a great week-end!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Beautiful blue skies in the vulture photos. It's been a grey day here in Scotland.

Mouse said...

awww bunnies ... and love the turkey vulture photos and I wanted to sing the twelve days when I saw the list and well done on spotting the varied thrush on the same day :) love mouse xxxxx

Deb said...

Love your bunny family!! The Stellar Jay is still one of my favorites and I love the quail with their hats sitting so prim and proper! :D