Saturday, February 4, 2012

January Oozes into February Thematically Anyway

It's February and I'm supposed to be stitching 'Hearty' things...and yet...Snowmen, cardinals, and mittens continue their siren call.  Don't be surprised if some of the above charts work their way into my February Stitching Rotation!  You've been warned!

Besides it continues to be frosty in the morning

Glittery Grass

Chilly Chickadees
I am thrilled to have two in a photo.  They flit around so much, this was probably a once in a lifetime event.

Shivery Steller's Jay

Gelid Junco
(Aren't theasures are treasure?  I couldn't be alliterative without help.)

Frozen Fir Cone


Maggee said...

You have enough hearts anyway, if all those in your header are stitched!! Now you have made me want about 5 MORE charts!! We haven't really been below freezing but maybe two mornings since winter began! Hmmmm.... Have a great weekend! Hugs!

Carol said...

Snowmen, mittens, and such are perfect stitching for February, too, Beth :) We're having the most lovely snowfall right now in fact!!

(Loved your lovely literary alliterations lately !!)

CalamityJr said...

My first rule of stitching is - stitch whatever makes you happy! You have great stash, by the way...

Beth Pearce said...

I think all your choices would be fun stitches, and that is cool.

I am glad to hear that your alliteration required help. I was getting too impressed - LOL!

Deb said...

I agree with those have plenty of hearts and you should always stitch what is in your heart!! There is nothing worse trying to finish a pattern you have no interest in at the moment!! Personally, I would start with Warm Woolen Mittens! :D

Mouse said...

well we have snow today sooo think your stitching reflects over here atm and you've stitched loads of hearts already hehehe :) love your photos as always :) love mouse xxxx

Chris said...

Love the "to be stitched" stack :)

Nicola said...

I love the word chickadee, it rolls off the Tongue so nicely.

You must have a huge collection of charts and smalls. Do you ever design your own?

I love walking on a frosty morning, there is so much new beauty to see even in familiar surroundings.