Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Very First Cross Stitch - circa 1974

Design - "Rainbow Pillow"
Designer - Ibex Designs
Fabric - Aida
Fibers - DMC - colors pallet chosen by Mindy
Date - circa 1974

I think this is my very first piece of cross stitch.  I saw it finished at my local Needlework Shop, Mindy's Needlepoint Factory all those years ago.  Mindy helped me with the fabric - Aida, what else, and sold me the chart, and the DMC color conversion that she had devised.

All these many years later, I am still stitching, and Mindy's is still in business. In fact this Friday, from 5-8pm, everything in the store is 15% off, and she is hosting a Cheese and Champagne Party to celebrate. 
How many local needlework stores are still in business over 35 years later? 
That's worth celebrating!   

Perhaps you'd like to share an early cross stitch effort! 

BTW - being left-handed, I learned to cross stitch reading the charts upside down.  All these years later, that is still how I stitch - holding the fabric and "reading" my charts - upside down!


Tea said...

Those hearts look like so much fun.

carol fun said...

That was definitely an ambitious first project. I love the design and the flow of the colors. I'll have to take a pic of my first piece - it is a little robin in a nest and it came with a heart shaped frame. It hangs in my bedroom and I see it everday. Congrats on your ebay win -- great charts! Happy stitching-