Saturday, May 8, 2010

Four More Flats...

Solomon says that I've been running around too much today and I need to slow down and enjoy the day.  I think he may be right. 

It has been a lovely day.  The Avid Gardeners' outdoor plant sale at Alton Baker Park could not have had better weather.  The Canada Geese and their goslings strutted around the lawn as customers wheeled their carts and scooped up super plants.  As mentioned in my blog title, I walked away with four, yes, four more flats of plants. I bought coleus, fuchsias, hostas, and ferns.

My sister bought vegetable starts.

On the stitching front I am embarrassed at how little progress I've made on "Fly by Night" since I last posted in mid-April .  I did stitch for a couple of hours last evening - I finished up the bird and made a good start on the moon.  

Fly by Night

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