Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Curious As A Cat - A Start

I wish I had all the BOAF charts in this series.  Woulda' shoulda' coulda' purchased them back in the day, when they were still in print.  Now they go for upwards of $50 on EBay.  I did find this one on EBay for a reasonable sum.
So I've kitted it up to stitch on R & R Mink linen using GAST floss. 

The charted cat reminds me of our "Tom-Cat"!

Keeping with the cat theme - we have a "curious" wildflower blooming now.


These plants are Calochortus tolmiei - commonly known as Cats' Ears.  We have a couple of areas on our property where they bloom and they appear to have been increasing the last few years.  They are the kind of flower that bears close scrutiny - fuzzy and white with dark purple centers - a joy!

This morning I worked out on the front porch, and finished setting out my pieces of "garden art" - photos will follow.  No gardening today - once again - it is raining!

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