Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday's Hummers

Well my adult male Rufous has left for good. 

Fortunately I have lots of other birds...

...including a few young Anna's.

This may be a young male Rufous.

See the bit of color on the throat?

The adult male Anna's is only semi-regular.

I can go several days without seeing him.

Here's a young male Anna's.

He's nodding hello.

A fat little Rufous.

They love the verbena...

...and the teasel of all things.

The individual blossoms are soooo small...'d think they would not be worth the effort. 

But apparently they are.

Salvia work too.

An Anna's.

Two Anna's in close proximity.

It's been over 90f for several days, so I am changing out the nectar every other day so it does not spoil and harm the birds.  Stay cool!  


Mary said...

Love the shot of the hummer at the salvia, such a pretty action shot.

Rhodesia said...

Love these shots, wish we had hummingbirds! Cheers Diane

Barb said...

Wonderful photos! I especially like the ones where they are getting food!