Thursday, April 26, 2018

My Finish and My Jays

Design - "Little Birds Calendar - Coal Tit - Janaury" 
Designer - The Little Stitcher
Fabric - 32 count Vintage Country Mocha linen
Fibers - DMC - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 18 April 2018
Completed - 21 April 2018

Hah!  I thought that I'd seen a Coal Tit while in England in 2013.
This photo as taken in August at the Chelsea Physics Garden.

I think this is a perfect January stitch - it is quietly beautiful in a very muted pallet. The European Coal Tit very much resembles our Black-capped Chickadee.  I assume it is also a welcome winter visitor.

Lots of folks find Jays too loud and brash and do not enjoy their visits to bird feeders.

I like my Jays - they have big personalities.  Here a California Scrub Jay and a Steller's Jay decide that there is enough food for both to share.

You can just see this jay puzzling out how best to eat as much as possible as quickly as possible.

I have 3-4 Scrub Jays in the area. 

They are loudest of my jays.

Earlier this year I received this Scrub Jay tile as a gift. The artist's designs are very true to the birds she creates. 

Sometimes I have as many as 8-12 Steller's Jays.

They are a wonderful deep true blue and then there is that crest on their head.

And when they get agitated! Goodness gracious!


You go bird! Tell it like it is.


Vickie said...

What a darling finish. The Coal Tit certainly does resemble our Black Capped Chickadee. That Scrub Jay tile is awesome Beth. So are the Jays!!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I agree Beth, they are very handsome birds.

MaryO said...

Great finish! I get many scrub jays too. I've also noticed if there's a predator in the area the jays are the first to sound the alarm.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Jays are gorgeous, Beth. Your bird finish is darling. Looks very true to life.


I love those photos of the Stellar Jan--beautiful--I have never seen one in real life--just regular Blue Jays and they can cause a ruckus well enough and they love to steal peanuts--I can not see one around anywhere--but put down a peanut in the shell and within a couple minutes--down swoops a Blue Jay for it--!!! Love the cross stitch--nice job--
enjoy, di

Rhodesia said...

Lovely photos and I really love that tile. Happy weekend Diane

BumbleVee said...

I was lamenting the fact that my Blue Jays were too skittish around our area. They hardly ever fly in to check things out... although, finally in the past few weeks some must be nesting nearby or something.... because I have managed to see and capture a few on camera. I haven't seen your type.... just my Blue Jay..

I think they are great.

Barb said...

I thought that little stitched bird was a chickadee until I read your post. I agree, it is the perfect stitched piece for January. It is very pretty.

cocoya said...

Oh Beth! Your bear photos are fabulous. He/she looks very healthy with the glossy coat. I hope the sprinkler system helps. Enjoy your day!


Carol said...

Such a cute finish, Beth--and how nice that you photographed a live one in England. Beautiful blue jay photos, too!