Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday Walk at the Coast

During the week between Christmas and the New Year, we took a day trip to the Oregon Coast. We drove west on Hwy 126 to Florence, then headed north on Hwy 101 - the Coast Highway.

We picked a lovely, if cold day to visit.
Our main reason for the trip was to attempt to see some of the 20,000 Gray Whales that migrate from Alaska to Baja Mexico this time of year. 

And we were so lucky!  At the very first turn off we were able to watch two whales heading south.  I wish I had photos to share with you - but as large as the whales are, the Pacific Ocean is immense and I could never find the whales in my viewfinder.  

The land meets the ocean on steep mountains and hillsides.
These signs are everywhere.  When I was very young my parents concocted a tale about a missing Native American child whose parents had never given up looking for him; thus all the signs saying look out for Fallen (or Falling) Rocks! 

The Oregon Coast has eleven pretty lighthouses including this one at Heceta Head.

This is the keeper's house. 

The coast is also famous for its many Depression Era bridges.

Unlike all the other ocean sates, Oregon does not have any large occupied islands off shore.

Here's a view of the coastal forested hillsides.

Though named Pacific for peaceful, the ocean is usually stormy and churning.

Lots of foam and froth.

As you can see the hills tumble down steeply to the ocean.

Here's the pretty bridge that crosses Yaquina Bay at Newport, Oregon.  

To the north, off in the distance is the Yaquina HeadLighthouse.

Newport has a thriving dishing industry - Dungeness Crab usually begins around Christmas.

Here's a mural of the gray whales.

This is one of the oldest buildings in Newport.

Had to check out this candy store!

We drove to the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area which juts out a mile to the sea. 

It's supposed to be an amazing spot to bird, but as we were there in the afternoon, I totally struck out.

But I did get to see the 93' tall lighthouse built in 1873.

There are wonderful views to the north and south.

And a poignant memorial to those lost at sea.  

As is often the case when the Willamette Valley is socked in with fog, the Oregon Coast is clear and sunny.

Tomorrow I will share some Oregon Coast bird photos. 


Vickie said...

Oh Beth! What a gorgeous post. Thank you for sharing.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Fabulous photos! The keeper's house looks amazing!

cucki said...

Great post.thank you for sharing x

Angie said...

I'm not a water person. Might be because I almost drowned as a child. When we visited Astoria it was the only time I truly enjoyed water. It was so beautiful!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Beautiful post! My dad used to tell us the exact same story about Falling Rocks!

Pam in IL said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

With yours photos I can dream
Wow the sea is magic

Brigitte said...

Wonderful pictures - and for me a walk down memory lane. Thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

How did I miss these wonderful posts of your coast!! After seeing them, I want to drive down and spend some time on the coast. I have a feeling about seeing the whales. Maybe it is best just to enjoy the experience and not try to take photos. We have been on a few whale watches. You can get caught up trying to take pictures when you just need to treasure the experience. I love seeing all the lighthouses!

Maggee said...

You had a great visit! What beautiful pictures you took! We have had some Humpback whales here lately, and I have seen many great pictures of them jumping out of the water. The best pictures were from people living on the beach, from their windows! Not so easy to get. Love the lighthouses. I think my hubby and I will be visiting as many of these as we can in the future... got the bug from visiting the Hatteras one a few years back. Thanks for sharing...