Saturday, January 16, 2016

Critter Time

My group of three deer - two does and this fawn come by most every day.

I put up a new bird feeder.

As you can see it is sited very close to the trees.

This brown squirrel decided to check it out.

He never lighted on it, but I am sure he will try again.

With warmer weather I've seen as many as four chipmunks.

They literally come out of the wood work!

Hi guy!


Vickie said...

Yes, squirrels are rascals!
Aww, the last picture is so cute.

Barb said...

This last little picture looks like a Disney picture.

Christine said...

Those chipmunks are adorable

Wanda said...

What great photos Beth! Love the squirrel trying with all his might to get to that feeder and the chippies are just adorable.

Maggee said...

Even if the squirrel gets on the new feeder, do you think he will be able to pull out any seed? I think those kinds of feeders are pretty squirrel-proof. Although I have seen them try tipping them to shake seed out! The last chipmunk picture is adorable!!!