Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Sights

I haven't seen a bunny in quite some time.

This one has a distinctive notch in his left ear.  

We were very cold Saturday morning - 18F!

I am always relived to see an Anna's Hummingbird at the feeder during weather like this.

I brought the feeders in for the night, then rotated them out in the morning to make sure the sugar water did not freeze.   



Margaret said...

I'm behind in blog reading again, but enjoyed all your posts. Happy new year! Hope all the animals, birds, humans and cats are staying warm!

cucki said...

Super cute...hugs x

Maggee said...

Love the bunny! You are so fortunate to have the hummers still! We have had some cold nights and mornings, but warming to 50's and maybe 60's today! I am getting spoiled. Don't want winter now! Ready to have Spring!! Like the new header of Snowmen... that will be the theme that happens to my house after I take down Christmas this week... Hugs!

Vickie said...

I have not seen a bunny in our yard for almost two years now. I think the darn coyotes are to blame.

cucki said...

Bunny..yes I love them xx

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

I think that sort of weather is headed our way...we have a very warm fall/winter to date. I'm ready for some cold. What sweet shots of your bunny :) and hummers :)
Speaking of birds...I think it was you last year that I was discussing robins. It says in my birds of North America book that robins stay around here all winter long, but I never saw them (probably never "noticed" them is the real word to use) But I see them every day so far this fall/winter....weird. Also...I have a huge red-tailed hawk that comes sit on a phone line near my house every day searching for mice. He puffs himself up like a big round pumpkin. He's so beautiful! and I get my binoculars out and look at him. neighbor across the street thought I was looking in their house and came to talk to me about it! LOL! Guess I won't be standing outside on my stoop with binoculars anymore!

Ruthie said...

What's your secret to having hummingbirds in the winter? We have them from April - October.