Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lots of Leaves

I'll bet you'd forgotten I was working on this.  I started in October and then set it aside for a while.  The other day I managed to stitch two more oak leaves.  Now I have some fiddly stitching and then I can stitch the owl.

Considering all the leaves on the ground, this is still a 'seasonal' stitch.

Look there's a rainbow!
A break in the rain at long last, let's take a walk. 

As I said there are leaves everywhere.
Maple leaves. 

And oak leaves.

And we've had enough rain that our seasonal creeks are flowing once again.  Here is the smallest of them in the sunshine.

And here is the same one in the shade.

The rains have brought out all kinds of mushrooms.

And have nurtured the bright green baby Licorice Ferns.

The last of the Cottonwood leaves have fallen.

Now the Hazel catkins reign supreme.

Even our Big Creek has enough water to flow once again.

There are a few 'bright spots' including the last of the blackberries. Or should I say red berries?

And the rose hips glow in the sunshine or rain. 

Rain and leaves - it is November after all!


Vickie said...

Love the cross stitch project. And that picture you took of the rainbow!

Carol said...

Sounds like you saved the best part for last--the owl! I don't often see rainbows around here, but am always in awe when I do manage to glimpse one. Your photo is so pretty, Beth!

Barb said...

What a pretty walk today. We hope we just raked up the last of our leaves today. We finally had a few hours without rain! I can't wait to see the owl in your design. I bet those pretty leaves took patience.