Sunday, December 27, 2015

Frosty Morning

The early morning sun turned the distant Douglas fir trees bright green.

But closer to home, everything was rimed with frost.  

If we can't have snow, a good hardy frost will do the trick.

It serves to turn most everything into a winter wonderland.

Even the blackberry vines.

I'm not sure that the deer enjoy a frosty morning.

Their hooves crunch in the cold grass. 

But they are fat and healthy with nice thick coats.


Vickie said...

As we drove to my in-laws on Christmas Eve, we watched three does munching away happily on green grass! Now we had a big snowstorm. Still snowing actually.

Maggee said...

Amazing shots! Love how you capture the frost! Our weather is much warmer than normal... When I woke today, it was already 66! They predict 79 today! No chances of frost or snow... Hugs!

Chris said...

Love he frosty pics! I wish that it was frosty here.
Happy New Year!

Frances said...

I love how soft and fuzzy the frost looks!
And the deer are so sweet! They do look plump and happy!