Sunday, March 8, 2015

Who Was in the Woods in February?

Who was walking in the wood in February?

Well the deer were headed...

...from right to left.

And then from left... right.

An opossum strolled by... did a raccoon or two. 

The deer forded Dorothy's Creek in one direction...

...and then turned back around again.  

Because they can I guess!

A second sighting of a fox which I think is rather exciting.

And Bob-the-cat ambled by.

As my parents drove past the trail camera Saturday afternoon, Bob-the-cat loped along up our driveway toward the house before ducking into the brush!
I'd rather he was a 1:30am predator than an daylight predator!  


Margaret said...

Whoa! The bobcat was up by your house during the day? That's a bit scary!

Angela Tucker said...

I love your trail pictures! How cool that you got a fox. We have a few in our area that are protected and see them once in a while on my walks. Last night, I could hear the coyotes singing their song. Pretty, but sure upsets the neighborhood dogs! LOL

Frances N said...

I love those trail photos! It's always interesting to see what guests you have! We even have had foxes in my neighborhood--I heard something making noise one day--similar to a child crying and the sound was moving around the house. I looked out and it was a fox just walking along making noise. My husband mentioned it to an older neighbor and she said "that's my fox!" Apparently he comes by her house often! I only saw him here twice--so pretty!

Barb said...

I always enjoy these pictures. I totally agree with you about the bob-cat!

Melanie said...

Eeeeeaiieeeeee. Not sure I would like a bobcat in my driveway. He better leave my beloved chippies alone! lol

Maggee said...

Uh-oh... not good that the bobcat was near the house during the day!