Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March Plants and November Stitch

Cottage Garden Samplings "November's Chrysanthemum" has been languishing in my UFO for a couple of months now.  I worked on it last night and managed to stitch the alternating orange and brown banner on the top and the pumpkin and pie on the bottom.  I also frogged and fixed a couple of the leaves on the left.  This pattern has a busy border and I still have much to stitch including a couple of apple, corncobs, pumpkins, a cornucopia, and yet more autumnal leaves. 

Moving seasonally from November to March, my gardening efforts are displaying some color as are the local nurseries.  Let's join in the fun at the Maple Hill Hop and the Tuesday Garden Party.  Here's what I have to share:

First my own efforts.  I am buying Fuchsias and Primrose a few at a time, and doing a decent job of potting them up as I purchase. 

My Trillium 'Volcano' is the star of the front flowerbed.
(It lives in a cage so the deer do not demolish it.)

More color on the Front Porch.
This is the 2nd year for this pot of Daffodils.

I especially like blues and purples.

So I'm a big fan of Muscari.

Bright pinkish-red tulips.

More Front Porch color spots.

This Currant will soon be in bloom and the Hummingbirds will swarm the plant.

Some of our clumps of naturalized Daffodils are doing very well. 

This one is called "Passionale".

And what is a week without a trip to a plant nursery? 
Let's take a look at what Down to Earth had on display.

Four different birdbaths - I liked them all!

My sister took this sign seriously and purchased some seeds.

Interestingly patterned and colored garden bench.

Vertical gardening.

The Local Garden Forecast.

As many of you Loyal Followers are aware, I have a 'thing' for watering cans. Love the mix of metallic colors on these.

Chicken dishtowels.

Egg basket and chicken statue.

Very cool chicken Garden Art!

I came home with some Sedums, a Salvia, and several Fuchsias.
Now I need to get them in some dirt.  

And look at these beauties - a Martagon Lily, a Trillium, Lobelia, and Primrose. All gifts from my Mom.  In the ground (with some deer protection) they all must go too.

As you can see as soon the rain stops, I'll be happily busy outside!


Margaret said...

I'm so envious of your spring. There's still snow on the ground here. After the snow of the weekend, it's continuing to melt away. I'm waiting for the crocuses to bloom.

Marlene jones said...

Your flowers are stunning. Love your garden center, they look much bigger than ours.

Vickie said...

Ah Spring! If only. I woke up to 19º this morning. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

Beautiful flowers, certainly gets you in the spring mood :) love your header, so many lovely stitchings

daisy g said...

Fabulous treasures! I am fond of blues and purples myself. I have daff envy, can't grow them here. So lovely. Thank you for stopping by The Maple Hill Hop!

Justine said...

Gorgeous gorgeous flowers!

Barbi said...

OHHHHHH Chicken art!!!! I Love love love love love Chicken and Rooster art! And strangely I have never stitched any! I will have to rectify that!

Carol said...

Your November WIP is coming along nicely, Beth--I can imagine that border would take a while to finish up! And your spring flowers are a feast for our eyes--so many of us are still struggling with cold temperatures and I've heard the "S" word is possible on Friday :(

Barb said...

What a great post Beth with all the Springy things! I love all your pots , they look great. I also like that Nov. design. I am enjoying watching you stitch the series.

cucki said...

Your flowers are so beautiful
Big hugs xx