Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tidied Up and Ready for Spring

I haven't cross stitched the past few days, so my Mom agreed to show her latest project.  She is working on Lizzie Kate's "Hip Hip Horray for the U.S. of A." It's a freebie and as we've only see a black and white photocopy of the chart, it has been fun to watch it come to life as she stitches away.

I feel rather guilty about joining up with Tuesday Garden Party as again I ended up supervising watching as my sister and Mom tidied up our Mudroom Flowerbed rather than contributing much in the way of labor. 

My Mom bought Clematis "Wisley Cream" from Xera when we were up in Portland.  This plant is supposed to put out bell-shaped blooms from November through February.  Won't that thrill the hummingbirds next winter?

We'd done quite a bit of cleaning up in October and November, so it did not require hours of effort to get the flowerbed back in shape. 

Trimming this monster Salvia "La Trinidad Pink" was the biggest chore.  

With our dry winter, this transplanted evergreen needed a good drink of water.

I was surprised to see the Salvia "Black and Blue" regenerating.  It is a rather tender plant, and usually one of the later salvias to reappear.

This will be the 2nd year for this clematis, so I am hoping for more growth and blooms.

My sedums have very much enjoyed this drier and warmer than usual winter.  The group of twelve looks like something I just purchased and potted up, rather than a display that was over-wintered. 

Amazingly the snowdrops are done for the year, and the crocus have mostly finished.  The earliest varieties of of the daffodils have had their fling as well. But luckily we have a couple of dozen different varieties of daffodils planted, out so our show should continue on for several weeks yet. 

And what would gardening be without our many Garden Helpers?

I had three gray squirrels on the Front Porch caching sunflower seeds in my pots of bulbs. Who did you have helping you?


cucki said...

Happy spring hugs xx

Vickie said...

Your gardens are looking so good already. Oh if only I could see the gardens to have a poodle helping me. ;)

Carol said...

We are all so envious of your new plantings, Beth--more than six inches of fresh snow are forecast for tomorrow night... Will winter ever end here?

Marie said...

Hip Hip Horray for Mom, her stitching looks lovely.

With all of this snow in the northeast I am not sure we will ever see grass or plant a garden.

That gardening critter is ADORABLE.

Barb said...

Everything is looking great! I am needing to do a lot of clean up as I didn't do much last fall. My knee is so much better now so I am glad I waited. I have my fingers crossed that my black and blue salvia will come back. I loved that plant so if it doesn't, I will be looking for another one!

Maggee said...

Your bulbs are DONE already?? Mine are just starting to peek out of the ground. It will be an interesting year for the weather! Love your gardening! Hugs!