Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Monday

Charles Henry Cookson about 1917

Charles Henry Cookson about 1918
USS Alabama

"Cookson, Charles Henry. Navy number 1,225,283; not a registrant, under age.; born, Rutland, M. Dak., Nov. 19, 1897, of English parents; occupation, painter; enlisted in the Navy at Seattle, Wash., on Dec. 10, 1917; served at Naval Training Station, San Francisco, Calif., to Jan. 4, 1918. Naval Training Camp, San Diego, Calif., to April 9, 1918; Naval Operating Base, Norfolk, Va., to April 17, 1918; USS Alabama, to Nov. 11, 1918. Grades: Apprentice Seaman, 112 days; Seaman 2nd Class, 122 days; Seaman, 61 days; Painter 3rd Class, 41 days. Discharged at Great Lakes, Ill. on Feb, 7, 1919, as Painter 3rd Class." 

Roster of the men and women who served in the army or naval service (including the Marine Corps) of the United States or its allies from the state of North Dakota in the World War, 1917-1918, Vols. 1-4

Since it is Memorial Day, it seems appropriate to share some of Nature's Natural Bouquets. 

Checkermallow and Vetch

Columbine and Vetch 

Water Plantain Buttercups and Horsetails

Cows Parsnip, Fringecups, and Columbine

Elegant Cats Ears

Blue Dicks

Pale Flax

Lupine and Columbine

One year ago today Mom and I spent the day in Greenwich. 


cucki said...

Big hugs x

Barb said...

We owe men like Charles Henry Cookson so much. Nature seems to be celebrating them today.

Giovanna said...

Have a good Memorial Day

Margaret said...

Beautiful pictures. Love reading about Charles Henry Cookson.

Carol said...

You are so lucky to know so much about your family history, Beth! Was this your grandfather?

Love those nature's bouquets, too...

Maggee said...

I briefly thought about doing something like that... but it would require digging out papers in a mountain of storage boxes right now! My first husband was stationed at Treasure Island, in the San Francisco Bay. I'm guessing that is the same place. Hugs!