Sunday, May 18, 2014

Off to the Farmers' Market

My sister and I headed of to our local Farmers' Market where we were greeted with a GMO protest - No Fishy Food!

Red fingerling potatoes

Look at the amazing selection of tomato plants

Beets and carrots

Willamette sweet onions


And oh the flowers....



Wonderful bouquets 

Fresh strawberries

Bok choy

New potatoes

Rainbow chard

Breakfast radishes

All that healthy food and this is what I bought to take home!
I cannot remember what it is called but it has pear and chocolate and I'll have it for breakfast.

After touring the market, we headed to Down to Earth. 

This is my favorite piece of garden art. A huge 'whirly-gig' of ginkgo leaves.

And a sweet chicken


Color everywhere - a turkey, and heron, and mushrooms, and chickens and a goat.

A pretty blue glass frog.

Based on this update, we came home and both worked outside.  I potted up coleus, and geraniums, and 5 strawberry pots of sedums.  My sister started to pot up her dahlia tubers.  She starts them in pots so they have a jump start growing. Her dahlia garden is slow to dry out - it's been tilled once, but will need to be tilled at least twice more before she will be able to set out her dahlias.

Ironically, one year ago today my Mom and I also spent part of the day at a Farmers' Market in Kensington, and we also toured a very special garden.


Margaret said...

Love all the lovely pics of produce. Wow! Gorgeous!! Love the flowers and the garden pieces too. Fantastic.

Maggee said...

I considered going to our local Farmers Market, but they don't have many stands... it is NOTHING like yours. Wish I knew where to find great organic stuff around here... I will search... Thanks for the tour!

cucki said...

Wow :) love the flowers...
Hugs x

Vickie said...

Such pretty, pretty colors. Fantastic!

Barb said...

So many goodies at the Farmer's Market. Our local one was cancelled this week-end because of a huge(but mostly for teen-agers)festival in Poulsbo called Viking Fest. When we first moved here we went to it. Just a lot of noise and food tents! I do love your garden center. It has so many great things!

Pam in IL said...

What a wonderful day you had! We had frost the past two nights, but it's supposed to be warmer this week. Can you believe some areas near us had snow on Thursday morning? Enough snow to make a small snowman!

Chris said...

I always love seeing pics of your farmer's market! Such wonderful things!

Melanie said...

I want that chicken. Ack!
Am also envious how awesome your farmers market is so early in the season. Ain't much around here yet except asparagus. (Though I do love asparagus. I could eat it every day.)