Monday, April 15, 2013

The Cats Have Spoken (Loudly)

Another vote, another victory for the Cat Crew.
I've added the two charts to my April To Do List.

The cats have observed several interesting birds of late.

I go back and forth, is this a House Finch or a Purple Finch?
I'm semi-convinced that this is a Purple Finch.

Here he all stretched out singing up a storm.

Speaking of finches, here's a pair of Lesser Goldfinches.

My Gold-crowned Sparrows don't often hold still for a photo. 

Look who returned after a couple of week's hiatus!

Mr. Evening Grosbeak showed up on Friday the 12th... did a couple of Goldfinches! 
This is 10 days earlier than last year.
As you can see they are still changing into their Spring suits.  The guy of the right is pretty mottled looking yet.

Here's a close up look.

He's kinda' patchy looking yet.

This poor guy hung about all day Sunday.  I've decided he is an albino Goldfinch.  I would expect it very difficult for him to attract a mate without the correct color plumage.


Margaret said...

Yay for cats! I love those two designs. I looove that first finch! His colors are amazing!

Vickie said...

Aww, I feel sorry for the last little birdie. I go back and forth with the House Finch and Purple Finch identifications too.
Those are great cat charts. I always wish a designer would be obsessed with poodle like I am! ;)

Mary said...

Love the albino....poor thing. We call them purple house finches so we are never wrong over here.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I like your choice of charts, can't go wrong with cats in my opinion. The pinkish red on the finch is such a bonnie colour - I'm enjoying the crispness your bird photos with your new camera. I've never seen an albino bird before.

Giovanna said...

Nice cat additions! And lovely bird pictures.

Barb said...

That poor little albino! I think you are right about the purple finch. I have seen literally hundreds of house finches in my time and that little bird looks different from them. I even quit feeding birds in Louisville because the house finches would sit at the feeder and eat till all the seeds were gone!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

lovely birds - I like the white one!!

Chris said...

Lovely stitching choices. Those cats have great taste.
Love the pics too.

Pam in IL said...

Great choices for new stitching. At first, I thought it was a House Finch too, but the second pic looks nothing like the House Finch I have hanging around here. Love all the other bird pics too.

Aww, I feel bad for the little white bird.