Saturday, April 20, 2013

House Hunting

I am so pleased, the female Anna Hummingbird has successfully hatched a couple of eggs.  You can watch her and her babies on the Register Guard's Anna Camera. (Keep in mind that this is only worth watching during daylight hours USA West Coast time).

The Violet-green Swallows continue house hunting.  They'll not nest for several weeks yet.

I spied a couple of Mallards at the Quarry Pond the other day.

The Robins love churning through the Oak leaves looking for bugs.

This Chickadee has snagged a sunflower seed.

You can see the bit of yellow on the wings of the Pine Siskin.

I think the head feathers of this Finch coordinate perfectly with the young Fir cones on this branch. 

I've not seen any nests, but surely my Annas are also nesting now.

The Quail and the Mourning Doves foraged together in harmony. 


Cathy said...

Around here, the bluebirds are also house hunting. They cannot decide on the new home, built in 2013, or the more established one built in 2012. I'm enjoying watching them though! And the hummers are back by us too!

Carol said...

Such gorgeous birds, Beth--love them all! I never knew mallards had such orange feet... How sweet to see the Anna Hummingbird live--thanks for the link, Beth! Oh, she just flew off the nest and I can see some tiny beaks poking up--too cute!!

Pam in IL said...

Wonderful bird watching going on around your home! We've got some nesting going on around here too.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Thanks for the link yesterday Beth, I've stopped by a few times to take a look. Your bird photos today are a lovely mix.

Margaret said...

Your pictures are so spectacular now! Beautiful birds!

Barb said...

Wonderful bird pictures!! I will be watching that hummingbird. My DD and SIL have even named the Anna's that comes regularly to their feeder.

Wanda said...

Beautiful pictures! I just checked out the hummingbird cam and while I did not see mom, I could clearly see the movement of the little ones - thanks for sharing Beth.