Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hoarding / Stash Inhancement

Look what came in the mail!  I've just finished Cottage Garden Sampling's "March's Daffodil", so it is fortuitous that "April's Daisy" arrived.  Besides that a couple of L*K limited edition kits caught my eye, as did a couple of bunny stitches.  And I received Prairie Schooler freebie - a bee to stitch. 

My little albino Goldfinch hung around for three days.  I haven't seen him since Tuesday.

House Finch?  Purple Finch?  The indecision debate continues...

This finch, whoever he is, looks like he has a Mohawk haircut.

All ten California Quail present and accounted for.

The gals are getting puffy and broody.

A Scrub Jay poses... does a Band-tail Pigeon.


Giovanna said...

Great new stash - excellent choices!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I like the look of your chosen designs and also the latest in your monthly set is very pretty. I hope the little albino bird is okay.

Silvie said...

When I see your banner, I think that you adore cats, congrats for all these charts!

Silvie from France

Margaret said...

Nice stash! Love the bird pics too, as always.

Pam in IL said...

What an awesome stash acquisition! Love seeing all the birds too.

Barb said...

Great stash. It will be fun to see you stitch them up. Great bird pictures as usual!

Melanie said...

Argh, I want that cute little bunny piece so bad but I *so* don't need anything else. Hehehe. Can't wait to see YOU stitch it up instead. :)
Did you see the new CCN* Bee Line pattern? ARGH. That one is going to be hard to resist too. Not sure I would finish it as an actual dancing bee line (would just not do the legs part) so it would fit better with my other framed bee piece by them though.

*I believe it was CCN instead of LHN? You'll see it in your blog travels regardless. :)