Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wet and Watery Wednesday

We are having a True Oregon November this year.  We received 0.38" of rain on the 17th, 0.21" on the 18th, 2.46" on the 19th, 0.98" on the 20th, 0.33" on the 21st, no rain the 22nd (an aberration!), 0.57" on the 23rd, and 0.47" on the 24th.
So this is going to be a wet and watery walk.
Bring your boots and umbrella and come along!

This little creek runs down the edge of our old property.  When we lived there, I could hear it through the windows of my bedroom as it burbled along.  It was a most comforting sound, and one the ones I most miss living here high atop Clos du Bois. 

Many of the rain storms were accompanied by high winds.  The Quarry Pond is full of water, and filled with a skim of Douglas Fir needles.

I failed to get pictures during the apex of our rains (the 19th & 20th), but the Big Creek was still running strong and brown a couple of days later.  

When the rains pour down, and the creek waters rise, the streams become foamy and frothy.

If you look at the left creek bed you can see that the grasses on that side are still mashed down.  That should give you some idea of how high the Big creek waters once were.

Dorothy's Creek is churning along full force still - brown and foamy. 

It will be interesting to look at our Trail Camera pictures taken during this period to see what animals still attempted to ford the creek when the waters were this high.

I hope you stayed dry and enjoyed our Watery Walk!


cucki said...

i truly love my watery walk..
love for you x

Ann at Beadlework. said...

It seems to be watery all round at the moment, lots of places over here in the UK are currently suffering from flooding.

Nicola said...

I put my wellies on and enjoyed my walk with you.

We have been having so much rain the UK but I bet we will still have a hosepipe ban in the summer.

Gray Bonnet said...

Oh my! Hope you are staying warm and dry!:)

Maggee said...

Keep those waders handy--more rain coming your way I see! I also love the sound of water gurgles! Love my fountain--that's the best I got! Hugs!

Barb said...

At least the creeks look so pretty as they babble along. We are also back to the rain. Beth, tomorrow I'm going to post a few photos of Christmas at the Pike Place Market. After your recent post you might enjoy seeing the decorations.