Monday, November 26, 2012

Mushroom Monday

I know, I'm not currently stitching any mushrooms, and this is the only mushroom needlework I've never done (way back in 1977 or so).  Yep, it's a WIP - I should tent stitch the background around the mushroom in white.  

Anyway, I find mushrooms most interesting in the wild, and pretty as a motif in 'civilization'. 

With lots of rain recently, we have not shortage of mushrooms.

This pair was my most interesting find.  They are large - about 4" to 5" inches across and quite pink in color.  

I like this little group juxtaposed against the velvet green moss.

If color is what you are after in mushrooms, then Down to Earth offers vibrant ceramic mushrooms and an interesting calendar too. 

Back in the Great Outdoors, I found this fungus high up in a Big Leaf Maple. 

This little group was down by Dorothy's Creek.

There was a patch about ten feet square with a couple dozen mushrooms.

Have you ever thought about a mushroom on your Christmas tree?
I love these warm foresty colors. 

While I'd never dare eat any of our wild mushrooms...

...I do admire their many colors and forms.


Margaret said...

Mushrooms are so much fun! Love those colorful ceramic ones!

Nicola said...

The third photo of mushrooms would make an amazing embroidery project, there are so many textures and shapes.

cucki said...

i love mushrooms too..they my fav..
thank you for sharing x

SewAmy said...

I love mushrooms for some reason. Those glass mushrooms would be so cute on a Christmas tree.

Pam in IL said...

I love how the third pic reminds me of a little whimsical village.

All the mushrooms around here look drab and icky, not at all like the ones you have.

Barb said...

I totally agree! When we walk in the woods, the mushrooms always get my attention. I do love the ornament ones. The colors are so pretty.