Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Autumn Amble

I think that Schoolroom Sampling's "Farmer Brown" is the perfect stitch to commemorate by September theme - Gardening!  This is the time of year that I'd like to have a Farmer Brown helper.  I do not enjoy putting the garden to bed for the Winter. 

Boy there is no hiding from the fact that Autumn is right around the corner.  The nights are cooler now and all around the signs of fall color are apparent.

Parvati and Tom-Cat will hold down the fort while we go off on a September Stroll. 

Mushrooms and moisture go hand-in-hand, so I was surprised to see this large mushroom.  It is called the Prince (Agaricus augustus) and is 6" or more in diameter.

Nope these aren't bolls of cotton, it's a field of thistle seeds. 

Here's a tell-tail sign of Autumn - color on the Vine Maple.

It's possible to find some wildflowers still in bloom like this Pearly Everlasting.

Other plants, while technically 'finished' have a patina of their reflected summer colors like this Ocean Spray.  I think I prefer the Autumn taupe to the Summer white.  

The wild Honeysuckle is another plant that won't quit until the first hard frost.

The young Douglas Fir cones are hardening off and beginning to turn brown.

The deciduous forest is more open - the Ash and Cottonwoods have begun to lose their leaves.  

Oh, we do need some rain.  The Big Creek stopped flowing sometime ago.  Now there is water in just a few small pools.  Think how hard it must be for the larger animals to find enough to quench their thirst.  

The Dogwoods will be even prettier once their leaves begin to turn.

This wilding Apple tree is near our Trail Camera.  I wonder if we'll get to see a bear munching on the fruit.  

Nothing encapsulates the bounty of Autumn better than large, fat trusses of ripe Blackberries! Pick a few and tell me what you think!

I hope you enjoyed today's walk.


dixiesamplar said...

I do love our walks...especially the Fall and Spring meaderings! Can't wait to see Farmer Brown at his best.

cucki said...

wow lovely project..i love it so much..
i love the pictures so much..lovely walk xx

Tracey said...

Beautiful photos! I am envious of all the nature around you. :) Farmer Brown is a cutie!

Tracey said...

It's always fun to start stitching something new, isn't it? :-)

Yes, I did enjoy my walk... off with the dog now to do my own; but I'm sure I won't see as many treats for my eyes as I did here.

Barb said...

Farmer Brown is a great choice! I am especially partial to the colors on the vine maple!It's kind of funny, when we first moved here and heard the term vine maple, I thought it was a vine!

stitchinrose said...

Wish I could have walked with you, still hot here in Texas and no fall color, but brown. I think the colors you picked for your next project are beautiful and you take such wonderful pictures. I swear I could reach out and feel the threads and smell the crisp air. Thank you for sharing with us.