Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!
I recently bid on (and won) the following Birds of a Feather charts.  I was so pleased as the final cost was around $10 per chart.  Very reasonable I thought as many of the charts had been selling for $25 to $40 each.
Now my problem is that several of the recommended fabrics are discontinued.
The Mouse and Lark call for 28 count R & R New England Granite; the Fox uses 28 count R & R Birch; the Goose uses 28 count R & R Golden Walnut; and the Bee uses Green Mountain 28 count Dark Muffin
Does anyone have alternate fabric suggestions?  They'd be much appreciated.  

It's Tuesday again - time for another Garden Party at an Oregon Cottage.  
This week the theme is "Favorite Garden Books". 

I bought the above book about one month ago, so have not had a chance to use it as it is meant to be used.  I am hopeful that come spring / summer 2011 I will find this an invaluable aid in identifying many of the native plants, shrubs, and trees that live on our property.  The acreage includes several different micro-climates: from full sun, to deep shade, to wetlands.  My project for next year is to photographically document and identify the flora and fauna of Clos du Bois.  This book should be a big help!   

These two are speciality books - one on coleus and the other on succulents.  I've found both to be very useful especially on the on-going care and maintenance of said plants.  I tend to fall in love with a type of plant - buy alot of different varieties - kill most of them - and then finally learn how to care for them so that they can grow and thrive.  The Succulent book has lots of great planting suggestions as well as zone hardiness information.  

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