Saturday, July 6, 2019

June Trail Camera Photos - The Backyard

Even with the camera tipping over skyward from 5/5-5/13, I have lots of photos to share.


Steller's Jay


Bunny in the morning.

Bunny in the evening.

Skunk close up.

Walking away.

Back again.

Big skunk with baby skunk!




...and closer still.

This documents the first sighting of a fawn.

Young buck

Big buck.

Whats up?

Mama and baby on the run.

Tongue stuck out.

A fawn appears...

Mom and another fawn.

The trio.
The first fawn is quite adventurous. 

The other fawn is more cautious.

Following Mom.


I think this fawn is motherless.

We've seen it several times now without the presence of an adult female. 

That's worrisome because of the bob-cats.

We had four sightings in June.

Including twice in one day - same cat, or two different ones?

We went inside about 8:45pm and the bob-cat showed up minutes later.


LaNelle said...

Fawns are so adorable! Lovely photos..even bobcat! Love our natural environment ♥️

Robin in Virginia said...

Fabulous pictures, Beth! I hope the fawns survive the summer. Interesting photo of the big and baby skunks! I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.

Barb said...

Seeing all the deer it is no wonder they are eating my flowers!