Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Walking in May

We've had the perfect mix of rain and sun the past few weeks.
The world is lush and green.
Let's take a walk.

In this kind of weather, plants go from bud... bloom almost over night.

I was amused to find some 'escaped' Bachelor Buttons doing well.

I have no idea what this low-growing plant is, but it is both delicate and intricate.

More and more Camas are in bloom.

Here's a small native Geranium.

Large False Solomon's Seal.

A thin stalk with fairy flowers.

Swamp Violet

Sweet Woodriff

Cow's Parsley

Our fields of Iris Tenax are carpets of purple and lavender.

The colors are vary from clump to clump. 


And Larkspur - one of my favorites!


Vickie said...

Ahhh. Such a pretty, pretty post.

Carol said...

What a wonderfully green state you live in, Beth! I especially love the larkspur, too...

Le trame della Galaverna said...

So wonderful

Our photos said...

Beautiful are the photos!

Frances N said...

I always enjoy your "walk" photos! What a beautiful and natural place where you live! Those iris are really pretty! And I love beautiful greenery! So alive and healthy looking

Barb said...

So many beautiful wild flowers. All the warm weather has them blooming very fast.